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Transforming Ideas Inspire Innovation

What does Ideas Inspire Innovation mean? Below is a graphic created to show the flow and definitions of the message:

If we interchange some of these definitions we come up with more tangible yet flexible combinations: Opinions influence introductions. Beliefs produce new methods. Thoughts bring about change.

It’s easier to provide examples of these new translations, examples that are less reaching and more elementary, more everyday in their nature.

Opinions influence introductions.
I give presentations at work. Usually these presentations involve interpretation of data or research. Of course any information presented has a slice of opinion in it. After presenting to a large group it’s typical that I encounter a face I do not recognize but that recognizes me and has an opinion about what I presented.

Another example could be regarding any organization, volunteer effort, or other group you have joined or wanted to join. Usually an opinion -- whether it’s a political affiliation, an inte…