Fuel Your Creativity published some photos of modern bicycles that have really stuck with me over the past few weeks.  One commenter criticized the bikes because they would not work in a realistic world. 

The site's editor responded with "These are concepts that are in-line with concept cars. Rarely does something like this get produced in its entirety but, they are made to push the industry of new technology and new ideas. Much like cars, only parts will be produced, like the handle bars or something of the sort. Bikes that are on the market are very streamlined and lightweight because of additions to the industry like carbon fiber and titanium. So, bikes looking like this may not be far off. Race bikes that are used in the Tour De France and other competitions are not comfortable for short or long distances but, are built for speed."

I think he's exactly right.  The strange and unique may not be realistic for the mass market right now but they certainly do cause designers and engineers to try to apply and improve upon the ideas to make them more realistic.  Without pushing the industry we'd all still be rolling around in Radio Flyers.

Check out the bikes for yourself at the link below.


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