The Death of the Rainbow

This past week in Arizona we've seen multitudes of rainbows due to extraordinary amounts of rain. We've achieved 7 months of typical rainfall in the past several weeks and the rainbows have been incredible -- full rainbows across the sky, double rainbows on top of double rainbows, rainbows eight colors deep.  I swear the next rainbow I see will rain casino tokens down from the sky. 

Anyway, all the excitement over rainbows reminded me of my favorite inspiring TV show from my youth, The Reading Rainbow.  I wanted to learn more about how the show started and the people behind the show so I conducted some in-depth ten-minute google research.  My web sources indicate new episodes stopped production in 2006 and PBS finally cancelled airing of the show in August of 2009. So instead of a inspirational moment we will eulogize the show.

The Reading Rainbow's mission was to bring the love of learning to kids, ages 4-8, making the bridge from paperback books to "fat" books (that's apparently kid lingo for books full of words and no pictures).  The show centered around WHY you should read and was known for LaVar Burton's line before the book reviews "But, you don't have to take my word for it."  These book reviews were by the kids for the kids, (imagine a 7 year old Roger Ebert). In addition the show didn't rely on make-believe story lines but rather showed behind the scenes documentary info about how things are made, how things grow, and who writes the words behind the pictures.


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